Services for Regular Asset Finance Users

As an intensive user of asset finance you probably find your ongoing purchases become restricted because...

You do not have the time to repeatedly apply for asset finance

At Sterling, you make one application to us. We then provide an open credit line to use whenever needed, or we apply to the different funders on your behalf. Either way, you will only be making one application, and in the long term this will only need a brief annual update to maintain ongoing support.

Your current funder is fully committed and will not advance additional finance

At Sterling, we are independent of any one funder, and are therefore uniquely placed to meet the needs of high users. Because we are not tied to any single funder, we can generally find alternative additional funders to support your business. Again, this will only require one application from you and save you valuable time and trouble. You are also spreading your debt across a number of funders, which may prove invaluable in the future.

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