Contracted Revenue Funding

Finance your business with a loan secured against a company's contracted recurring revenue, where assignment of the contracts can be taken.

Business Driven

  • No personal guarantees
  • Flexibility of early repayment without penalty
  • Refinancing or access to additional financing is available

Business Certainty

  • Fixed one-time fee structure
  • Fixed term loan - 3 to 36 months
  • Fixed amount - no facility fluctuation

Business Friendly

  • Face-to-Face discussions and relationship
  • Straightforward monthly reporting
  • We grow with you - increase facility at any time

Borrower Requirements

  • UK Business - seeking a min. £250,000 loan
  • Established for more than 5 years - min. £3m turnover
  • Proven management team and business model
  • low client churn
  • Secured on contracted recurring revenues
  • Assignable contracts

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