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Business Acquisitions

A business acquisition can provide several benefits:

  • the ability to cross-sell products and services into complimentary markets
  • increased profitability through synergy
  • additional management and skilled labour force
  • increase geographic coverage
  • elimination of a competitor.

We regularly advise on potential acquisitions, from initial valuations, negotiating with the vendor (or their advisers), sourcing funding and seeing the transaction through to legal completion.

In many cases, we are brought in by potential acquirers to structure a funding solution once a sale target is identified and a price is agreed upon.

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    What are Business Acquisitions?

    Business acquisitions refer to the process in which one company purchases another by buying a significant portion of its shares or acquiring the target company’s assets and liabilities.
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    What are the finance options?

    Business acquisitions finance refers to raising and managing funding to facilitate the purchase of one business entity (the target company) by another (the acquirer or buyer).
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    What is the process?

    The process for financing a business acquisition varies depending on the specific deal and parties involved. Good communication between all parties leads to a successful and smooth acquisition.
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    What is the role of the adviser?

    The role of a business acquisitions adviser is to assist clients in making informed decisions that align with their strategic goals and maximize the likelihood of a successful acquisition.
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    What are the timescales?

    The timescales of business acquisitions can vary widely depending on various factors, such as deal complexity, company size, regulatory requirements, due diligence processes, and negotiations.
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    What costs are involved?

    Business acquisitions involve various costs, both direct and indirect. These costs can add up significantly and need to be carefully considered during the acquisition process.
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